Anon asked: Choose Tim Sutton or Troy Wagner?

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Pictures of HABIT from emh with quotes from Chucky that relate to HABIT. Not all quotes are completely accurate to the scenes. Please don’t remove credit.

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maybe it never was his fault

and that was the worst part

the whole time, he thought he was doing

the right thing

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you cant convince me this hasnt happened at least once

vinny: why do u move around while u talk
habit: i dunno, vin, i guess u could call it
vinny: no
habit: a force of
vinny: dont
habit: habit
vinny: stop


The first drawing was drawn ages ago and features dialogue from the Tribe Twelve video, Severance.
And the second is a doodles I did at 1am last night :3

I seriously don’t express my love for Evan/Habit enough

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